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Who we are

logoAlternativa Sí se puede por Tenerife (Alternative, Yes You Can for Tenerife) is the new sociopolitical option emerging as a result of a process where different political parties, social organizations, conservationists, greens and many independent citizens have come together.

Social actions of recent years in Tenerife confirm that we do have concern and that we do have hope. Therefore we believe that it is necessary to develop an alternative political project, which coming from popular involvement works to make possible  redistribution of wealth, rehabilitation of social and environmental neglect and regeneration of democracy.

2We believe that a progressive political option advances towards the achievement of its most progressive goals because it is nourished by important social movements defending collective interests. It is the citizens who apart from walking the streets, being witness to the widespread manipulation and confirming to what extent injustice is painful, have realised that having a truly alternative voice in the institutions is worthwhile. Therefore our desire is to continue listening, learning and working with those sectors that are most determined and aware of the need for social, ecological and political transformation to take place in Tenerife and the Canaries.

We are confident that it is possible to regenerate political life; participate in processes of democratic debate;459392586_a4347e4d06_m discard the practice of giving and receiving political favours; live in a more just society; enjoy nature without renouncing progress; recycle more; show more solidarity with the people in need; etc.; those are the things that encourage us day after day.

All this makes us move forward and we have therefore decided to take a step further and form a socio-political alternative for unity determined to take account of demands, suggestions and concerns, as well as to ratify our proposals in the Constituent Assembly of this new and exciting project.